Lazy Mouse is a challenging puzzler for gamers of all ages

Lazy Mouse is a challenging puzzler for gamers of all ages complete with vibrant graphics, simple controls, and an original soundtrack. To solve the puzzles you’ll need to make use of Batteries, Plants, Worm Holes, Conveyor Belts and even Disco Lights to navigate each experiment.
Lazy is without a doubt the world’s smartest pet mouse. His rodential intellect has won him countless School Science Awards and his casein genius has left him no stranger to the spotlight, with multiple appearances at Show and Tell.
The trouble is Lazy’s also undoubtedly the laziest pet mouse in the world. He would rather conduct his experiments in his sleep than run around himself. In fact, he’d rather you do all his experiments for him! Help Lazy through his household experiments by guiding him safely round five uniquely themed Worlds over 50 levels. To unlock new worlds make sure and collect enough Cheese to keep Lazy’s appetite for ‘ahem’ knowledge at bay!

What's new in Lazy Mouse v1.0.1:
The Release Experiment
We found a small rodent nibbling at one of the lines of code on start up which caused some people's game to crash. This line of code has now been taped up and surrounded by mouse traps! (humane of course)
Thanks for all your feedback so far!
- The YoYo Team

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