Adorable gerbil destruction! 

Gerbil Physics
Remember how much fun it was to kick down a sandcastle when you were 10 years old? This game is that feeling made digital.

• Engaging, destructive, game-play featuring huge explosions and cute flying gerbils.
• State-of-the-art physics engine ensures that gerbils respond to your explosives exactly as real gerbils might.
• Gorgeous and charming art design.
• Cunning puzzles with multiple solutions across 84 glorious, lovingly handcrafted levels.
• Achievements reward your clever insights.
• Optimized for Android phones and tablets.
• Suitable for all ages.
• One low price gets you the whole game, no annoying adverts and no rip-off in-app purchase.
Yes, the indie smash title Gerbil Physics has finally arrived on Android! Join almost half a million other players who downloaded the game on other platforms and see why Gerbil Physics is consistently one of the highest ranking and most critically acclaimed indie titles available.

Download Gerbil Physics v1.1 apk [Tusfiles]
Download Gerbil Physics v1.1 apk [Mediafire]

Download, install and play Gerbil Physics v1.1 apk on your android phones! 

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