Very popular serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump is "one piece"!
One Piece Pinball v1.0.1 apk
Google Play Link | Price: $1.65
Google Play Rating: 4.3 | Requires Android: 2.3.3 and up

Appeared in pinball game of easy operation!
Luffy became a ball Going to rampage the board!
Stage "war summit Marin Ford" that.
And Pacifista and Santai navy for ... Admiralty maximum force,
You pick up on rescue ace came in from the multiple stages along with the White Beard Pirates us!
Start slot the ball to enter the particular point, it passes through the slot reels!
Ball may become five with "ambition of Overlord color",
'll By or makeover to extra large ball "bullet rotation of giant (Gigant rifle)" in, to wipe out our powerful enemy!
Ally character who fought together in Marin Ford appeared also in other,
May want us to cover in the finishing move of unique!
Endless mode rush Clearing certain conditions!
The dog pushed the red looming, so you Nurikaeyo the highest score!
In endless mode available aces ...?
Number of gimmick full of personality people, a beautiful graphic, along with the production of great power, and try to experience the climax of the story "ONE PIECE"!
[Collaboration with ONE PIECE Moja!]
If you have the free app "ONE PIECE Moja!"
And a more fun by working!
The "Moja ① the" straw pinball! " When you work together "
"Moja! The gift can be used in "in the" Moja mile "!
② playing,
Clearing several conditions "Moja!" Dedicated wallpaper GET!
I'll be dress-up the TOP page of "Moja!!"
※ I do not have a game app "Moja! To enter the hand and play longer. "
Moja across the country have the same game app ③! I'll compete the ranking of the game score in the user!
In addition, Moja friend when playing in the same game, I can be seen in the rankings only Moja friend each other!
I'm going to be proud to Moja friend if Dase beat the high score!

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