Download Burn The Lot v1.0.6 apk data for Galaxy S3, S4, Nexus 5 etc.
Price: $0.99
Google Play Rating: 4.4

Google Play Link of Burn The Lot

- Dual-stick, third-person shooter. Dance. Dodge. Destroy.
- 30 story-driven levels with multiple objectives. Help out natives, recover artifacts, take down Carnies in new ways.
- 12 enemy types + 9 bosses = total Carny carnage.
- 17 different melee and projectile weapons. Barbell? You bet. Flame gun? Fun.
- 3 uniquely themed, planet-shaped maps: Wild West, Miner, South of the Border.
- Upload/download game progress to the cloud and play on multiple devices.
- COMING SOON: survival mode, more planets, more weapons, more enemies.

How to install:
1) Install the apk
2) Put the data folder to sdcard/Android/obb/...
3) Launch online and play Burn The Lot v1.0.6!

Download Now
Burn The Lot v1.0.6 apk [16MB]
Burn The Lot v1.0.6 data [MB]
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