A long time ago , the ancient era ...!
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Download The Gods HD Apk+Data [Mali] [Unlimited Gold]! The great god Pangu created the world , and has created all life .He is the father of all life , was the founder of all the gods .Humans live in harmony with God was .However , peace did not last that long , Over thousands of years .Reigned as the supreme god of Zhuanxu all humans as inferior beings to God in reportedDeclared to be the ruler between .God was against it at all. He is right for the new Fu XiHe is free to give to humans transformed into human form in the Zhuanxu confronts .Features:
* 3D engine, Unreal Engine perfectly reproduce ancient Chinese mythology
* realistic and colorful images
* solemn and majestic soundtrack
* legendary gods, demons , and the battle
* Story Mode and Challenge Mode , and the ultimate challenge in Hard Mode
* Rapid hand movements using a virtual joystick combo is gorgeous !
Soul points obtained ★ enemy more powerful and colorful let technology acquisition!

How to install:
1) Install the apk
2) Put the data folder to sdcard/...
3) Launch and play The Gods HD!

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The Gods HD Apk+Data [Mali] [Unlimited Gold] [668MB] 
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