Best Android Launchers & Themes 

What is the best thing about android? What do you think? I know you are thinking the same way I do! Its the awesome customization capability! You can simply turn your android phone into a fully personalized device using beautiful Launchers and Themes. Read whole post to figure out how you can easily apply install and apply Launchers and Themes on your phone.

Best Android Launchers

There are lot of Launchers in the Google Play Store. But we are coming up with the best 5 of them. Check out these Launchers and find the instruction below.

1) Apex Launcher Pro
This is the premium version of Apex Launcher. The free version is also good but you will get some features unlocked on pro version. The pro version was installed more than 200000 times on the store. Apex Launcher Pro is rated 4.6 by its users. 

2) Nova Launcher Prime
Nova Launcher Prime is another powerful launcher. You may find the free version little a bit unworthy of trying but the pro version is great. With more than 500000 installs this launcher might be the best choice for you. Nova Launcher Prime is rated 4.8 on the play store.

3) Go Launcher Prime
Another user-friendly android launcher. Go Launcher Prime can be a perfect home replacement for your android phone. This is the pro version of Go Launcher Ex. You can find more than 10000 themes working on this launcher! It was downloaded more than 100000 times from android play store and rated 4.3!

4) Next Launcher 3D Shell
This is undoubtedly the best 3D Launcher on play store. Next Launcher 3D Shell will show you how 3D dynamic effects can change the total environment of your android phone. If you want to try something new on your phones than this launcher is for you! With more than 100000 installs, it is rated 4.5 on the store.

5) SPB Shell 3D
SPB Shell 3D will let you enjoy the 3D reality on your android phones. This launcher offers lot of unique features like 3D widget, 3D home, smart folders etc. It is highest priced launcher on the store with more than 100000 downloads. But you may find this launcher tough to maintain because it contains a lot of high quality graphics.  
Download SPB Shell 3D Apk
[Remove license verification with Lucky patcher]

Best Android Themes and Icon Set

 If you want to change the icons and wallpapers of your launcher then you are in need of android theme. There are many android themes on play store. But not all of them will satisfy you. So, we are giving you the best themes available on android store.


2) Click UI (Go Apex Nova theme)

3) KitKat 4.4 Launcher Theme (Also a Launcher)

4) Minimal UI Go Nova Apex Theme

5) KitKat (Apex Nova ADW Kitkat theme)
Download KitKat (Apex Nova ADW Kitkat theme) Apk

And more will be added soon......

How install these Launcher and Themes?
1) Download and Install the apk 
2) Tap/Push the home button and select your installed launcher to apply it.
3) If you want to apply the launcher as default then tap 'Always'
4) You are ready to go!

 That is all for today. What else do you need to enjoy your android phones? Let us know. We will try our best to fulfill your wishes.

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