Do you want to know how to create backup of your sms and restore them anytime from your phone? This guide will help you to make it possible. After going through this article you can simple create sms backup and restore them later if you lost your phone or accidentally delete the messages. Just follow these simple steps and your are done!!!

Step 1: Installing App
Download and Install SMS Backup & restore Pro apk. You are going to use this app to create backup. Download Link: SMS Backup & Restore Pro v7.05 Apk

Step 2: Creating Backup
Open the app and tap the 'Backup' button.
 Select the folder or memory where you want to save the backup. Press 'Ok'.
Name your backup files as 'anyname.xml' and Tap 'Ok'.
 Backup Completed!

Step 3: Restoring Sms
Tap on Restore button.
 Find the folder where you saved the backup files. The app will automatically find the files for you. Select the files and Tap 'Ok'.
You have to set SMS Backup & restore Pro as default sms app[Temporarily]
 After restoring the sms you have to cancel the default option. In order to do it you have to go to Settings > Apps > All Apps > Choose SMS Backup & Restore Pro and 'Clear Defaults'!

We are done! Now you can easily create backup and restore your sms from the phone!

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