Want to know How to make custom ringtones, message tones and notification sounds on your android phones and apply them instantly? This article is just for you! Just follow the simple steps and you are done!

Step 1:
We are using Ringtones Maker Pro to get this thing done. Download and Install Ringtone Maker Pro on your android. Download link: Ringtone Maker Pro v2.0.3 Apk. 

Step 2:
Open Ringtone Maker Pro and tap 'My Music'

Step 3: 
Select your desired song or music from the list. Tap 'Ok'

Step 4:
The app will try to match your choice to their collection. Just ignore it and tap 'Tap here to edit your ringtone anyway'. 
Then a popup will come telling you 'If you want to create a notification or message tone then you have to select 6 Seconds or less! Tap don't show again!!!

Step 5: 
Now move you finger across the '-' & '+' button to choose a starting point and tap 'Create Ringtone'. The app will make the next 30seconds as ringtone! By tapping Ringtone Length you can set ringtone's duration.
Now a pop up will come asking you to set your ringtone type. Choose whatever you want!
To create another ringtone tap on 'Start Over' and the step again!

You can also set the ringtones from 'Settings' > Sound > Phone Ringtone > Choose Ringtone

That's all! We are done creating a ringtone on our android phones. Now What? Keep turning your favorite songs or music into ringtones and apply them on your phones!

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